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Who Is Viewing Your Home for Sale Online? Find Out With

November 1, 2021

Pexels rodnae productions 7948006, the free listing site, is adding a new feature for the 4th quarter of 2021. The latest embellishment will allow home sellers to track the day and time their home is viewed by potential buyers, and more.

With the dramatic changes that have taken place in the real estate market over the last year and a half, it appears that the wild sellers’ market is starting to balance out.  Next year is shaping up to be a much more stabilized sellers’ market with more buyers reevaluating and holding off on urgent purchases.  However, sellers will still be able to take advantage of being in the driver’s seat by setting a price higher than in a normal market.  The only ingredient missing in the seller’s recipe for naming their own price and getting it is how to identify when potential buyers are looking, where they are coming from, and what kind of traffic the seller may be getting in specific areas of the state. provides the solution to the problem with its’ new, invaluable feature, which allows users who post homes for sell to view the traffic from a specific area of the state and country without violating a user’s privacy.  How this tracking service works is a breeze, automatically activating as soon as a registered user posts a home for sale or an apartment to rent.  This product is a game changer for the industry with several applications making it helpful in improving the sale of a home.  First, it informs the seller at which times of day their property is being viewed; next, it identifies the days of week the property is being viewed; then, it indicates which specific region of a city, state, or country is most often viewing the property; and, finally, it provides the data in a nice and concise user-friendly format that can be downloaded and converted into a spreadsheet for comparison with other properties.

To start accessing this insightful tracking information, the first step is to create a login account to your specific property, and then post the home for sale or place to rent.  The posting will be reviewed and when this is completed, the feature will be immediately activated.  It’s that simple.

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