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Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Home Inspector.

Don’t Get Scammed

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Things you must know before hiring a home inspector.

There’s always this feeling of fufilment when you are getting ready to buy a home, especially your first home. You can't wait to get the paper work done and relocate. Under such circumstances, we tend to make the wrong choices in hiring home inspectors. You don’t want to move into a home only to realize that there are problems you should’ve noticed earlier and fixed.


In this article, I’ll be writing on the basic things you must know before hiring a home inspector.


Ask for references


The first thing you must do is to ask the home inspector about his previous jobs. A good home inspector should be able to give you references or even a sample from his previous job. Although reference will serve but a sample should be a preferred option. His sample will be able to give you a glimpse on what to expect from his home inspection.


Don’t hire an all ‘rounder’


When you need the services of a home inspector, its important that you hire a home inspector and not a contractor. If you hire a person who is affiliated with repair companies, you may end up doing unnecessary repairs to the home. People like to ‘upsell’ services to make money. A bad home inspector will point out minor issues in your home and also recommend some services to you. That’s very bad.


Conduct Interviews


When you’ve narrowed down your list of home inspectors, the next step is to conduct an interview. This interview will give you the opportunity to ask several question. You can ask about insurance and refunds policy just in case there is a mistake in the inspection. You can also ask about the time frame for the inspection. A home inspector that is not willing o spend upto 4 hours inspecting your home shouldn't be hired. A good home inspector must dedicate his/her time inspecting your new home.


In the world today, a lot people have labeled themselves home inspectors even without any qualifications to prove that. Don’t get scammed by such people. Always go for the right people that will guarantee an excellent output. At, we take our time to inspect homes for our clients. Our rates are friendly and our terms are easy to understand. Give us a call or write us an mail to get started.


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