Carol King


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1099 South Wells St Suite 200, Meridian, ID 83642


In our opinion Carol King more than earned the money she was paid in selling our home we had lived in for 23 years and purchasing another one that fit our needs. She had an open house the first week we put the house on the market and made it so appealing that the first couple to look at it ended up buying it. She informed us on things we could do to make our home sell faster and gave us suggestions to make it more appealing. She looked non-stop for a home that we could be comfortable purchasing and took us to every house we thought we may be interested in. She knew all the right questions to ask the other realtors and pointed out things we may have overlooked. She really went the extra mile for us in helping us to move out of our house when we sold it and the buyers were being insistent that we move out the day we signed. She even had her family help us move. It was a joy to work with her and we are thrilled with the end results.

- Rick and Sheila

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