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charter member of the Homecheck

I am a charter member of the Homecheck family and have relied on them for referrals for many years. I have been very happy with their system and have a large percentage of my internet business from their site. I have found their prices to be both very reasonable and competitive. I will continue my relationship with them and would not hesitate to recommend anyone else except my competitors from using them.

- - Bill Patterson -

SafeGuard Home Inspection

I want to say thank you for providing myself and my company a way of reaching out to many people. When I recieve a call for a price quote to do an inspection, I am able to give them the easy 4 step process of providing that potential client with past clients ratings of my company. They get to read past client feedback and get a up front understanding of myself and my company before they even have the chance of meeting me. And sometimes they cannot get to town for the inspection, so this is the only way they get to understand who I am. I have realtors that when with their client, before they hand out 3 inspection business cards, they will go to my website at and read some of the comments, then many times I am the 1st and last person they want to talk to. So I would like to thank you for providing myself a service, that truely does work. - Thank You Steve Hatcher- -SafeGuard Home Inspection-

- Steve Hatcher

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