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Must Any Transfer Of Property Be In Writing?

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Yes, an agreement, contract, conveyance, sale, or other transfer of real estate, or an interest in it, usually must be set forth in writing and signed.  The writing requirement is found in a body of law, sometimes referred to as the “statute of frauds.”  This law makes oral or verbal transfers of real estate unenforceable.  The written document setting forth the terms of the sale or transfer is referred to as “an instrument.”  Simply put, an instrument is a written document.  To be enforceable, a sale or transfer of real estate, including an encumbrance such as a mortgage, must be evidenced by a properly executed instrument.  Some examples of instruments affecting real estate include: contracts, deeds, leases, mortgages or deeds of trust. 


A possible exception to the writing requirement occurs where one or more of the parties to the agreement have partly performed their obligations under the contract and strict enforcement of the writing requirement would be inequitable or unfair.  Another exception occurs where one or both sides to an oral agreement admit the terms of the contract and agree to put it in writing or agree that it will be enforced.

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The Proper Way To Conduct A Live Virtual Open House.

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With so many individuals desiring an open house that is accessible via live video feed, there is a need for essential pointers regarding conducting the live video open house.  To ensure a professional live video, you will need the correct equipment.  In that regard, you may want to use a wearable video camera headset, which is connected to your cell phone, to create a “House Hunters” worthy live tour.  Because you are going to be directing live virtual tours for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, you will appreciate equipment that is comfortable and hands-free to allow you to focus on key features of the home.  You can find portable headset cameras at any online big box store or ordering service.  This allows you to keep your phone in a pocket or to carry it but not hold it up for an hour, which can wear you out.

Sample Wearable Video Cameras:

If you are not comfortable using a wearable video camera, make sure you use a tablet or an ultrathin laptop that you can carry for approximately 45 minutes to an hour on battery power. The weight will be of significant concern because you will be walking from room to room, showing online guests areas of the home that can't be seen in the images or amateurish pre-canned video tour provided.  The drawback to using a laptop is the weight and the fact that the distance for Bluetooth is limited.  A cell phone offers greater portability and will afford you better flexibility to move more freely around the home.  In fact, some cell phones have a better data plan and signal than what can be found with the home owners’ WIFI.  The only major downside to using a cell phone for full video is the battery life may be limited to 1 to 1½ hours of use. 

Once you have the proper equipment for a live virtual open house, you will need to determine the type of WIFI the home owner is accessing.  In some cases, the home owner will give you access to their WIFI so you can utilize the bandwidth for a better live video tour.  However, if the home is unoccupied or is brand new construction, you will need to review the strength of your cell phone data plan.  If you are on a budgeted data plan, you could eat up a lot of data hosting a live video open house.  You may want to check out various cell phone carriers to ensure you have either unlimited data or a special data package that you can use for your live video open house. 

After you have assessed your camera, device, and bandwidth, there are a few pointers to review before you start your live virtual open house: 

  • Do a practice video call to verify the equipment is working properly.
  • • Have an agenda for the virtual video tour to ensure you highlight all areas of the house.
  • • Keep your virtual tour productive. Limit side conversations to ensure you finish on time.
  • • Don't be late to start the live video open house; this could appear unprofessional.
  • • Set objectives regarding what will be accomplished in the live virtual video tour.
  • • Dress appropriately. Avoid stripes or busy patterns, which interfere with camera focus.
  • • Avoid jewelry that moves and makes noise, which can interfere with the microphone.
  • • Be aware that your hands will likely be seen; keep them well-manicured or at your sides.
  • • If the house is well lit, try using base powder to cut down on the glare from your skin.
  • • Speak clearly and towards the microphone.
  • • Make eye contact with the screen, not the camera, to avoid appearing disinterested.
  • • Use names, if given, to direct questions to specific people if there are several attendees.
  • • Don't speak over people or interrupt.
  • • Don't focus the camera too closely on your face or objects in the house.
  • • Try not to pan or tilt the camera too much during the live video tour.
  • • Avoid making excessive background noise, like rustling papers.
  • • Turn off beepers, watch alarms, and cell phones.
  • • Don't leave the live video open house while the camera is on unless absolutely necessary.

Now you're ready to follow the three easy steps below to conduct a live virtual open house!

STEP ONE - Log In:



STEP TWO - Post Property on Social Media:



STEP THREE - Start a Virtual Open House:

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How To Provide A Virtual Open House After The Wake Of Covid 19.

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How can a home owner, who is intent on selling their home, provide a safe alternative to an open house when the coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone's mind?  An essential part of the home purchasing process is the experience of seeing a variety of homes and comparing them via open houses.  The majority of home owners are concerned about how to sell their home without opening themselves up to a traditional open house and unnecessary exposure to viruses or run-of-the-mill bugs from the general public.  Because of COVID-19, standard practices are no longer considered safe or even comfortable. Home owners are caught between opening their homes to the public to allow a larger swath of potential buyers the opportunity to view the inside of their home or allowing a much smaller ‘by appointment only’ group of qualified buyers a peek inside.

What if there was a way to keep the open house concept, but in a more restrictive environment, without losing the potential to sell a home? What if individuals could tour a home live, but through their home computer, tablet, or Android phone with the help of the real estate agent hosting the open house? makes this now possible with virtual open houses.  The first and only real estate listing service to allow Realtors or home owners to present a live virtual open house. Utilizing this service would eliminate the potential of a home owner and potential buyers from becoming infected with any number of viruses or unintentionally infecting others when showing no signs of illness. Videoconferencing open houses are so easy to set up through When a potential buyer spots a for sale sign and an open house sign in your yard, and sees you’re listed on, they can access a video address, unique to you, that can be viewed on a home computer, tablet, or Android phone.   

Because of the improvements in videoconferencing technology, which have made almost any cell phone and tablet capable of portable videoconferencing, anyone can visit and click on the virtual open house link to initiate a video chat with the realtor hosting the virtual open house - without downloading any software or registering for the video service. The realtor can host a virtual open house through for one person or for several potential buyers at one time.

This new virtual open house service provided by is just another ‘tool’ to make the home selling and buying process as safe and streamlined as possible.  It also keeps the looky-loos at bay and satisfies the curiosity of others. And when a home owner is ready to begin taking serious offers, the realtor can show the house in person to bona fide buyers. Now, how it works: (Get Started)

Step One: Realtor or property owner must log into their account on and add the property they want to feature in a virtual open house. (See tutorial on listing a property:

Step Two: Click on ‘Manage’ at the top of the page within the menu.

Step Three: You will see a list of all your properties.  Find the property you want to feature in a virtual open house and click the ‘Edit” button after that property. 

Step Four: Once you have selected the Edit button after the appropriate property, you will see two buttons listed at the bottom of the individual property listing. 

Step Five: The Virtual Tour button will guide you to a wizard where you will type in the date and time of the virtual open house.  Please follow the instructions, and click ‘Add Tour.’

Step Six: Once Step Five is completed, you will have an Open House Online button on the property listing you are featuring.  Please go to the live page to review the listing.

Step Seven: Remember to post the video tour on the same day as the open house. It will make it easier for you, the home owner or Realtor, to control the Video Tour of the open house. (You can copy the listing link in the URL address bar of your property for future Video Tours of the open house so it doesn’t appear until you’re ready.) 

Step Eight: After you have posted the video of the open house, you can either copy the link that has been created and post it on an address bar or you can visit the live listing on to see how it looks. 

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