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HouseList has been designed to provide a free listing for members of the general public who are selling a home, renting a property, or actively looking for a home to buy or rent. These individuals listing their current home in order to move into their forever home or searching for their future home can use the site to find realtors, contractors, home inspectors, and more, all provided for free to the general public through our unified database. We also provide other content, such as real estate news, links to useful resources, and other suggested articles. We are dedicated to getting your home listed and to helping you find the resources you need when it comes to the real estate business. We showcase featured homes, provide links to realtor websites, and offer comprehensive packages for realtors as well. We work together with HomeCheck to find you the home inspectors and other information that you need when purchasing or remodeling your home!

Note: if you need help with anything on the website or if you have comments/concerns: please email webmaster@houselist.com and we can help you! Thank you for using our service and browsing our website!


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A personal residence is often the most significant investment by the typical person. The presentation of such an investment should be made with pride and purpose in mind. www.houselist.com has been available for the property owner who places emphasis on doing it right, tasteful, and cost-effective. Accordingly, certain guidelines are required.

1. The property may be assessed under an automated valuation standard consistent with public records such as government assessed valuations. Such an assessment may appear at www.houselist.com . Such information may be used by potential buyers.

2. Often public comments will appear at www.houselist.com . Such information may be used by potential buyers. It is understood that any such comments are the public’s.

3. Real estate agents often search listings at www.houselist.com . Those real estate agents typically pay to advertise. Those agents have no fiduciary duty to represent you.

4. Any property listed at www.houselist.com may be subject to website searches that including programmed “scraping” that results in pasting your data at another site for various purposes. It is understood that there is no control over such activity.

5. You and your property are subject to the EULA (End User License Agreement) at www.houselist.com . Accordingly, your listings, pictures, and descriptions are subject to a perpetual and royalty free license over the world-wide web for any and all uses that may result. Any listing, including pictures of your property, once downloaded, are granted, license free.

6. Your property, once downloaded, at www.houselist.com will compete with other listings, including both free and paid listings. There are no guarantees regarding a sale.

7. The principals, owners, and others at www.houselist.com are not responsible for your listing and do not, in any way, support, indemnify, or otherwise provide any warranty relative to the representations made by you or your listing.